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Why should I look for family counseling near me?

    Family counseling near me image of family

    The family is the cornerstone of our community. We understand the near to get individual counseling, but too often we neglect the need to find family counseling near me. And yet, families are full of dynamics which often result in tensions and unresolved issues. These can also lead to issues later on in adult life. So if we learn skills such as communication and anger management, this can help increase the enjoyment of everyone in the family, and also prepare us better for our lives as adults.

    What does it entail?

    Just like in individual counseling, each member of the family gets an opportunity to talk about what has been going on for them. The counselor can help each person to understand their reactions and how to adjust them if situations like this happen again.

    But the family counselor also looks at how one person’s issues may have ripple effects on the family as a whole. For example, if a child has a bad day at school, that doesn’t mean they have a right to take out their tension by hitting their younger brother. Instead, they can learn techniques for releasing that tension in a non-destructive way.

    During family therapy sessions, the counselor will explain various communication skills. You can then practice communicating this way to each other. This ensures that everyone gets a proper uninterrupted say and that they can check their message has reached all the other members of the family. You can then continue to communicate in this way in your own home.

    And you can learn to fight fair so that it doesn’t create lasting bitterness of ill feelings.

    How long do family counseling sessions take?

    It really depends on the size of the family and the complexity of the issues they have. A normal weekly family counseling session can be as short as forty-five minutes. Sometimes that is all that is needed to get a new perspective. The first session is generally a little longer.

    Is family counseling covered by insurance?

    Although family counseling may not be covered by insurance, you can focus on one member of the family at each session. And then claim that session on that person’s insurance. This also makes everyone in the family feel like they are getting the same amount of the therapist’s time.


    You may like to try family counseling with your family. Contact us to schedule a session.