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Psychotherapists in Hinsdale Illinois

Psychotherapy photo of clients and therapist

There are a variety of treatments that are available to use for problems with feelings and behaviors. In your work with our providers, the common therapeutic approaches included in a person’s treatment is psychotherapy. Common psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety, panic and various relationship problems are often treated with psychotherapy. Simply stated psychotherapy is talk therapy.

The idea of “merely” talking with the doctor may seem unlikely to result in much benefit but that is certainly not usually the case. A lot can be accomplished in a partnership between a committed patient and their psychotherapist. Spending time collaboratively working with a trained psychotherapist who is there to help you better understand yourself and your problems and then help you find better ways of living your life can be an unexpectedly powerful experience.

Psychotherapy can assume many forms. Often just the patient and the therapist work together but the therapy can include marital partners, co-parents, entire families or other loved ones. The frequency of psychotherapy with our providers mostly ranges from an appointment once a week to an appointment once a month. The length of psychotherapy appointments with ABC DuPage providers is usually either forty five minutes to an hour. Psychotherapy is often combined with the use of prescription psychiatric medication to achieve improved benefit beyond what might be obtained from using either psychotherapy or medicines alone. Psychotherapy seems to work best for patients who are able to see and talk about their problems honestly and are committed to making necessary changes in their problem choices and actions.

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