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Parental & Family Counseling

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Very few people ever shoulder a more important responsibility than parenting their children and helping their kids prepare for responsible, productive adult lives. This difficult task is made more difficult for the parents due to their having to manage marriages, relationships, jobs, finances and friendships while they go about their parenting responsibilities. Complicating family life even more is the fact that every child presents the family with their own unique set of strengths, attitudes and needs. Today’s culture even presents the children themselves with temptations and challenges like drugs, gangs, bullies, etc..

Given the circumstances of our modern world it is no wonder that families often go through times of serious trouble and suffering. No one can reasonably expect a parent to have all the answers to the problems they and their family confront but on the other hand they can’t just throw their hands in the air and surrender, the consequences are too dangerous. Fortunately, the therapist at ABC DuPage offers counseling for parents and families.

Counseling with ABC DuPage therapist offers parents and families the assistance of an experienced therapist to help them figure out the nature of their difficulties and develop responses or solutions they can implement for their problems. Sometimes the therapy involves the entire family in the session all at once. At other times the counseling may just involve the parents as they figure out ways to collaborate in a more unified fashion. Some family problems may be caused or worsened by a mental illness afflicting one of the family members. Dr. Harden is a Psychiatric physician who has sub-specialty training and experience working with children and adolescents. As a psychiatrist he is not only able to provide counseling for family and parenting problems, he is also able to diagnose and treat psychiatric illnesses that may be interfering with the family’s wellbeing.

If you believe your family can benefit from counseling, please contact our office.

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