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How can I find relationship counseling near me?

    Relationship counseling near me - couple at therapy

    When you know that your relationship is not going well, it can be hard to talk about it with friends or family. And sometimes it’s best not to as you don’t want them to know personal details that your spouse may not want them to know. It’s better to search online for “relationship counseling near me” and to find a professional you can trust to help.

    At ABCDuPage we have a number of trained counselors that can help both you and your partner to resolve issues. For example, sometimes it can be a matter of communication. Things may not be as bad as you think. You may have read more into things your partner said than you should have.

    Can couples counseling or marriage counseling really help?

    Many couples find it extremely valuable. It allows them to set ground rules for their relationship going forward.

    Even if some major transgressions such as infidelity have occurred, it doesn’t always mean that divorce is on the doorstep. Sometimes people start affairs just because they feel unsatisfied by their relationship. It may be that it has gotten into a rut and their partner isn’t expressing as much affection as they used to. Sex may have become perfunctory and not as regular as it used to be.

    Sometimes by openly communicating via a third party like a counselor, the couple can find ways to move past this infidelity and rekindle their relationship so that both parties feel satisfied by it.

    What if I find relationship counseling near me but I can’t afford it?

    Sometimes relationship counseling isn’t covered by insurance and so people can find it difficult to afford. Call your insurance provider to check if it is covered or call us and we can contact them for you. If you talk to your therapist about your situation, sometimes they can work with each spouse individually for issues such as the anxiety which the marriage breakdown has generated. These individual sessions may be able to be covered by insurance.

    Sometimes by working on yourselves individually, the whole relationship can benefit. Because when people who are stressed come together, it isn’t as smooth and easy as when people who are relaxed and comfortable with their own lives come together to share their happiness.