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We are a group of behavioral health providers with advanced degrees in our respective fields with offices in Dupage County. We have centers in Hinsdale and in Oakbrook Terrace Illinois.

Our providers treat the full spectrum of ages and behavioral health issues. We have physicians specializing in Adult Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry to meet your and your family's medication needs. Our clinicians provide individual, couples, and family therapy to address your counseling concerns.

ABC DuPage Illinois Child & Adult Psychiatrists & Counselors

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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Very few people ever shoulder a more important responsibility than parenting their children and helping their kids prepare for responsible, productive adult lives. This difficult task is made more difficult for the parents due to their having to manage marriages, relationships, jobs, finances and friendships while they go about their parenting responsibilities. Complicating family life even more is the fact that every child presents the family with their own unique set of strengths, attitudes and needs.

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Parental & Family Counseling

Our marriage relationships and lifelong partnerships are usually the parts of our lives where we are our most emotionally vulnerable and where we expect to find our greatest comfort and support. Caring for these important aspects of our lives is necessary to our ongoing joy and mental health. A person that feels their partnership or marriage is falling apart will often develop troubling feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. This can cause the idea of talking to an alienated partner or trying to solve painful disagreements seem overwhelming or even impossible.

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Psychiatric Medication Management

Not all patients and not all psychiatric problems need psychiatric medicines but there are certainly instances where prescription medicines are the most potent treatment available to relieve a patient’s suffering. Medicines are commonly an important and effective part of the treatment of many mental illnesses to include depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic, sleep problems, attention deficit disorder and several other disorders.

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There are a variety of treatments that are available to use for problems with feelings and behaviors. In your work with our providers, the common therapeutic approaches included in a person’s treatment is psychotherapy. Common psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety, panic and various relationship problems are often treated with psychotherapy. Simply stated psychotherapy is talk therapy.

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Evaluations & Reports

There is always a first step in the process of understanding an emotional or behavioral problem and figuring out ways of solving or treating it. When you call and schedule your first appointment with our ABC of DuPage Psychiatrist, it will be for what is called a psychiatric evaluation. The psychiatric evaluation lays the cornerstone for the work the doctor and patient will be doing together.

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